What Is Functional Medicine?

Where to Begin?

Functional medicine goes by many different names. Integrative medicine, holistic medicine, natural medicine, naturopathic medicine, lifestyle medicine. Why so many? Because they all have a large number of common principles.

Functional medicine has been guided by the following six core principles, as outlined by the Institute of Functional Medicine.

The Six Core Principles.

An understanding of the biochemical individuality of each human being is based on the concepts of genetic and environmental uniqueness.
As such, functional medicine has been guided by the following six principles.


Treat the ‘whole’ human and be aware of the evidence that supports what is happening vs. focusing just on the disease.

Balance Exists.

There is a dynamic balance that exists among the internal & external body, mind & spirit. An imbalance creates disorder.


We must respect the web-like inter-connectedness of internal physiological factors and their impact on whole health.


Real health isn’t simply an absence of disease. The goal should be positive vitality & extraordinary wellbeing.

Health Span.

It’s important to look at improving health span, not life span. Living longer while sick, isn’t the goal. Let’s stay healthy for longer.

A human-centred approach is when health care is respectful and adapted to an individual’s preferences, needs, and values. It also ensures the patient’s values guides all clinical decisions. This creates a therapeutic partnership, which empowers the patient to become actively empowered in their own healing and health journey.

Feeling Better Shouldn’t Be This Confusing or Lonely.

If you feel like something is ‘wrong’ but you keep being told by others (including your GP) that everything ‘looks fine’, diagnostics and functional testing (which is powerful tool to support functional medicine) can help give deeper insight. Working with our specialists, this journey can be a HUGE relief for people who have been struggling with a problem for a while and they feel like they’re going crazy.

A Different Perspective.

Let’s take a look at how functional medicine and conventional medicine differ.

Conventional Medicine.

Health = absence of disease

Disease-centred, 'one size fits all' approach

Disease management

Suppression of symptoms

Takes a 'specialist' approach to organ systems

Limited knowledge of nutrition & prevention strategies

15 - 17 year knowledge gap on chronic disease research

Expensive - lifetime management of disease (drugs, surgery etc.)

Asks "which drug(s) match this disease?"

Functional Medicine.


Health = complete vitality (not just absence of disease)


Human-centred, personalised


Disease prevention or reversal


Find & treat root causes of disease


Looks at the 'whole' body & person as a complete unit


Uses nutrition, exercise, lifestyle AND genetics to treat


Leverages up-to-date research & best practices


Economical - short-term investment will solve root causes


Asks "who is the human who has the disease, why, and how can we treat it?

At Taylored, our specialists use functional testing and our Four Pillar Health Philosophy to help deliver functional medicine to our community.

The “Future” of Medicine is Happening at Taylored.

To get a real handle on functional medicine and how the future of healthcare is actually happening right now, check out this great MedTalk. 

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