Diagnostics & Functional Testing.

No More Guesswork.

Like a car, our bodies have many different parts that must work together to create a “smooth ride”. When all those parts are working as they should, we have health. When things are squeaky or there is misalignment, it creates disease.

Functional testing looks at the ‘exhaust’ of your body at a single time point by sampling & testing your pee, poop, or spit. Wearable diagnostics help us measure health metrics in real time. Combining them together means we can start to understand HOW your body is currently running & all the areas it might be ‘squeaky’.

Feeling Better Shouldn’t Be This Confusing or Lonely.

If you feel like something is ‘wrong’ but you keep being told by others (including your GP) that everything ‘looks fine’, diagnostics and functional testing can help give deeper insight. Working with our specialists, this journey can be a HUGE relief for people who have been struggling with a problem for a while and they feel like they’re going crazy.

Finally…”Ah-Ha” Moments.

We get insight into your body in a few ways and this information guides our treatment plans.

Wearable Devices.

We might use ‘listening’ devices that track your metrics while you sleep or go about your normal day. This wearable device helps give us a regular snapshot of how your lifestyle choices contribute to your overall health situation.

Bodily 'Exhaust".

When we collect and test the ‘exhaust’ of your body, in the form of blood, pee, poop & spit, we start to understand HOW your body is currently running. From there, we can start to make very careful and precise changes to improve it.

Your Genetic Code.

We also look at your genetics…which is WAY more valuable than just your ancestry. Understanding the instructions that make you, uniquely you, means we can adapt the way you live, eat & move to get the best out of your incredible body.

Our Functional Testing Options.

We work with some of the most advanced health testing labs in the world.
Here are some of our most common testing panels.


Imbalance can lead to acne, PMS, PMDD, low libido, sleep issues, mood swings & more.

Brain Chemistry.

Imbalance can lead to sleep disturbances, mood swings, addiction, depression.


Gene variations can alter how your body works compared to others. We can work to overcome that.

Prescription Risk.

Some prescription medications can create more risk to your biological make up. Learn what to avoid.

Gut Health.

Bacteria, parasites & viruses in your gut will impact your health. We can treat better if we know.

Food Sensitivities.

Certain foods trigger an inflammatory or immune response, leading to IBS or celiac.

Cardiovascular Health.

When your genetics & lifestyle is affecting your heart health, these tests give us clear insight.


Assessing chronic inflammation helps you prevent disease like cancer and neurodegeneration.

Organic Acids.

This looks at how your ‘engine’ is performing overall, including how your genetics are being expressed.

Heavy Metal Toxicity.

Environmental pollution is full of heavy metals which affect our body’s cell signalling function.

Pesticide Toxicity.

Pesticides are in the food we eat & they disrupt cell signalling & hormone production.

Mold Toxicity.

The hidden health villain in every wet, damp home…& can create significant health problems.

How To Get Started.

We’re here to help you make an empowered decision about your health..
Getting started with diagnostics and functional testing is a simple 3-step process.

Free 20 Min Consultation.

During this phone call, we’ll discuss your wins, your biggest challenges & why you’re interested in diagnostics & functional testing. If our service aligns with what you’re looking for, you’ll sign up for one of our diagnostics memberships.

Comprehensive Assessments.

Once you’re all signed up, you’ll be sent a welcome & on-boarding document with links to our comprehensive assessment. This will help us gain greater clarity over your medical history & start to fill in some of the blanks from your consultation.

Deep Dive Session.

Your next session is a 60 minute deep dive into the answers of your assessment. We get to know YOU. How you think, life, eat & move. This will help us construct a way forward, with the right diagnostics & functional testing that will help.

A Clear Path Ahead.

Functional testing results can take up to 4 weeks to come back, but we take this time to prepare you for the path ahead. Based on your health assessments and deep dive we develop your Taylored Treatment Plan.

This provides a clear path ahead & the Taylored team members who will support you. Once your test results are back, your functional specialist will interpret them and make refinements to your plan.

Simple. Effective…and 100% Personalised to YOU.

Your Life Is Worth Investing In.

Diagnostics and functional testing can either be an incredibly powerful tool or an expensive paper weight.

The power comes from working with a specialist who will take all that information and create an easy-to-follow roadmap to guide you as you make mid to long-term changes to your wellbeing.. This is not a quick-fix.

It’s a targeted, long-term course correction that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Book Your FREE 20 Minute Consultation.

Today could be the day you decide to take charge of your health and start solving those health problems.
And it all starts with one conversation. Are you ready to say ‘yes’ to yourself?

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