In The Media

Here is a mix of articles, podcasts, videos, and general media that we’ve been involved with.


In The Media

Here is a mix of articles, podcasts, videos, and general media that we’ve been involved with.



Life as a…Podcast w/ Luke Taylor and Christopher Schoenwald

Overcoming a wheelchair diagnosis

Life as a…Podcast w/ Rachel Kelly and Christopher Schoenwald

Creating the World’s First Human Instruction Manual

TechWeek New Zealand TV 2022 w/ Luke Taylor & Rachel Kelly

A love story between inorganic & organic intelligence

TechWeek New Zealand TV 2022 w/ Rachel Kelly & Other NZ Finalists

An interview with this year’s Women in AI finalists

Radix Nutrition – Holistic Health & Nutrition w/ Luke Taylor

Taylored Four Pillar Philosophy

The Human Edge Show w/ Rachel Kelly and Campbell Such

Human Centric Leadership

The Stag Roar Podcast w/ Luke Taylor and Ryan O’Connor

Building a Business in Healthcare

TechBytes NZ w/ Rachel Kelly & Craig Young (CEO, TUANZ)

Technology Leadership

The Stag Roar Podcast w/ Luke Taylor, Rachel Kelly, and Ryan O’Connor

The Holistic Foundations of Taylored Health

Memia Podcast w/ Rachel Kelly and Ben Reid

Bioaugmentation, epigenetics, extending healthspan and personal digital twins



From kid with a flexibility disorder to Ironman competitor

If Luke Taylor hadn’t done his stretches as a kid, he might have needed a wheelchair.

Instead, the 25-year-old Hamiltonian is looking for support to get to the World Triathlon Sprint Championships, and training for an Ironman event.

Tom & Luke's Showcase

Luke Taylor is an accomplished New Zealand Triathlete who has represented New Zealand in his age group for the Short Distance World Champs & recently completed the 2018 IRONMAN New Zealand.


He has been involved in Triathlons for 1.5 years & runs Taylored Health & Performance as a Health & Performance Specialist.

Director quits Callaghan Innovation board, calls for investigation

Rachel Kelly, co-CEO of biotech startup Taylored Technologies, announced her resignation on LinkedIn, writing that she had “experienced serious conflict over my values and the decisions made by the board”.

BBC Future - Mind over matter

Cognitive computing can reshape areas such as healthcare and education, says technology evangelist Rachel Kelly.

A passionate technology advocate, Kelly works with New Zealand high-tech startups, is the deputy chair of the New Zealand Technology Industry Association, and is heavily involved in the Future of Work Commission.




What is Your Next Step?

There are a variety of ways we can help enhance your knowledge or progress your health journey.

Our Science-Backed Approach

We’re not interested in guesswork, nor are we interested in quick-fixes or fads. Learn about our holistic, science-backed approach to long-term health

The Taylored Self-Help Basics

We’ve worked with thousands of people trying to make lasting change. And we’ve created a variety of exercises to help kickstart your journey too

Advance Your Knowledge

Once you’ve gotten clear about why your health matters via our self-help options and the ways you self-sabotage, dig deeper into specific topics via our long-form podcast discussions

Online Programs

We’re in the process of creating 4-8 week online programs allowing you to dig deeper into your genetics and/or using wearable devices to give insights into your health. These will launch in APR 2024.

Supercharge Your Health

The XYup Advanced Well-Being and Longevity Retreat is for those who are deeply committed to their long-term potential and healthspan. A premium experience at a 5-star retreat.

Work with Us

Whether you’re looking for premium 1:1 care, want to organize a private retreat for a group of friends or colleagues, or are looking to collab on new initiatives, get in touch.

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