Our Philosophy

We’ve spent the last 15 years working to understand what the ‘right conditions’ are to unlock vibrant well-being. The Taylored Four Pillar Philosophy forms the basis of our work, as we harness the latest in functional medicine and real-time wearables to empower better health decisions.


“Real Health is Slow Health”.

It didn’t take you overnight to get where you are now. It won’t take overnight to correct the underlying issues.

Everything we do at Taylored looks to address health and well-being in the following order.


Getting and staying healthy is really a mental game. But we live in a world where ‘quick fixes’ are the norm. When we don’t see results or experience set-backs, we often feel like giving up


Part of the mental game is ensuring you set yourself up for day-to-day success. By layering on key habits and building a support system, it becomes easier to make the right health decisions.


Used correctly, food can be an incredibly powerful healing tool. But it’s hard to make great nutrition decisions if you’re tired and your lifestyle choices don’t make those decisions easy.


This is where most of us start. However, without the right mindset, lifestyle, or nutrition to support new movement practices, we don’t see the results we want, find it too hard, get hurt and/or give up.


Harnessing Medicine 3.0

Medicine 3.0 is essentially dismissing the idea of a ‘normal range’ for everyone…but looks at what YOU need specifically.

So, if you feel like something is ‘wrong’ but you keep being told by others (including your GP) that everything ‘looks fine’, “Medicine 3.0” via diagnostics and functional testing can help give deeper insight. Working with our specialists, this journey can be a HUGE relief for people who have been struggling with a problem for a while and they feel like they’re going crazy.


Finally…”Ah-Ha” Moments

Functional testing looks at the ‘exhaust’ of your body at a single time point by sampling & testing your pee, poop, or spit. Wearable diagnostics help us measure health metrics in real time. Combining them together means we can start to understand HOW your body is currently running & all the areas it might be ‘squeaky’.

We get insight into your body in a few ways and this information guides our treatment plans.


Understanding the instructions that make you, uniquely you, means we can adapt the way you live, eat & move to get the best out of your incredible body.

Bodily “Exhaust”

When we collect and test the ‘exhaust’ of your body, in the form of blood, pee, poop & spit, we start to understand HOW your body is currently running. 

Wearable Devices

Wearable devices helps give us a regular snapshot of how your lifestyle choices contribute to your overall health situation and a helpful measure of your progress.


What is Your Next Step?

There are a variety of ways we can help enhance your knowledge or progress your health journey.

Our Science-Backed Approach

We’re not interested in guesswork, nor are we interested in quick-fixes or fads. Learn about our holistic, science-backed approach to long-term health

The Taylored Self-Help Basics

We’ve worked with thousands of people trying to make lasting change. And we’ve created a variety of exercises to help kickstart your journey too

Advance Your Knowledge

Once you’ve gotten clear about why your health matters via our self-help options and the ways you self-sabotage, dig deeper into specific topics via our long-form podcast discussions

Online Programs

We’re in the process of creating 4-8 week online programs allowing you to dig deeper into your genetics and/or using wearable devices to give insights into your health. These will launch in APR 2024.

Supercharge Your Health

The XYup Advanced Well-Being and Longevity Retreat is for those who are deeply committed to their long-term potential and healthspan. A premium experience at a 5-star retreat.

Work with Us

Whether you’re looking for premium 1:1 care, want to organize a private retreat for a group of friends or colleagues, or are looking to collab on new initiatives, get in touch.

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