Meet Otto

All the work we do, combining human behavioral science, clinical diagnostics, real-time wearables, and our four pillar philosophy of whole health, is being built to serve the world through the development of our values-lead AI, Otto.


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What is Your Next Step?

There are a variety of ways we can help enhance your knowledge or progress your health journey.

Our Science-Backed Approach

We're not interested in guesswork, nor are we interested in quick-fixes or fads. Learn about our holistic, science-backed approach to long-term health

The Taylored Self-Help Basics

We've worked with thousands of people trying to make lasting change. And we've created a variety of exercises to help kickstart your journey too

Advance Your Knowledge

Once you've gotten clear about why your health matters via our self-help options and the ways you self-sabotage, dig deeper into specific topics via our long-form podcast discussions

Online Programs

We're in the process of creating 4-8 week online programs allowing you to dig deeper into your genetics and/or using wearable devices to give insights into your health. These will launch in APR 2024.

Supercharge Your Health

The XYup Advanced Well-Being and Longevity Retreat is for those who are deeply committed to their long-term potential and healthspan. A premium experience at a 5-star retreat.

Work with Us

Whether you're looking for premium 1:1 care, want to organize a private retreat for a group of friends or colleagues, or are looking to collab on new initiatives, get in touch.

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