This is Not a “Lose Weight Fast” Article

You arrived here because you’ve been searching for things like weight loss or how to lose weight fast. Because these are the phrases people often think and search for after looking in the mirror and wishing they could look different. The social media feed doesn’t help. It’s a place where influencers on social media show their trim bellies and toned legs looking like a million bucks. Or perhaps it’s the latest quick fitness or weight loss program you see popping up in your feed. What keeps you scrolling and clicking is how easy they make it out to be.

“Perhaps if I just throw money at it or keep looking at these airbrushed images and videos, I’ll find the motivation to look like that too?”

We hate that click bait…and the endless comparison scrolling. Because it feeds into this warped idea that real health is starving yourself or working out until you want to throw up. And that’s just wrong. That’s how to you get yo-yo dieting, weight gain, hormone issues and type 2 diabetes. That’s how eating disorders start (and are nurtured) and do not even get us talking about how this all impacts mental health; with eroding self-confidence and increasing anxiety…at a time when we’re trying to recover from the impact of isolation, uncertainty and loneliness.

What a great recipe for a health crisis.

Here’s the thing… we don’t know much about what other health centres are doing to support you. We’d rather spend our time improving our services and supporting our community as they ‘show up’ for themselves and their health. We actively work against being influenced by what we see elsewhere, so we can design programs and educational content that truly helps solve the problem at hand, not just copy others. Because we feel the health industry isn’t doing enough to get to the bottom of health issues…and the current healthcare system might be great for emergency situations but not for chronic conditions.

So, we’re here to help you get to the bottom of your health concerns and it ALL starts with your why.

Yes…that might sound cheesy.

But without digging deep, we mean really DEEP, and having really uncomfortable conversations with yourself you’re going miss out on the greatest opportunity to be well…and the chance for vibrant long-term health.  Because getting that dream body, losing weight, toning up, getting strong, and achieving vibrant wellbeing is actually an inside game. And this game is worth learning how to play. Because your life is worth fighting for…and you deserve it.

And if you’re reading this all charged up, motivated and ready to get stuck in, with guns blazing then want you to take a big deep breath. Do it right now.

While there is nothing wrong with feeling all charged up, real health is slow health (it’s a marathon, not a sprint) and we’re here to guide you on a journey that knits together different ways of thinking, living, eating and moving…in a way you’ve likely never experienced before.


Think about how many months or years it has taken you and your body to get where you are today. Unwinding all those habits and lifestyle factors to led you to this point (and are likely affecting your health) will take longer than a few months or years too. Play the long game.

Today, as you read this post we want you to FOCUS on one thing that can become a game-changer for you.

Let’s think about your why.

You found this blog post because:

  • perhaps you are sick of feeling tired all the time
  • maybe you tried to keep up with the kids over the weekend and realised something needed to change
  • perhaps you look in the mirror and don’t really recognise yourself anymore
  • or perhaps you keep trying to lose weight but you only seem to put on more

Whatever the reason, you’re here.

And we encourage you to spend the next few days thinking about WHY. What drove you to say “yes” to yourself and your health today?

Once you think you’ve found your ‘why’…we invite you to keep probing with the same question ‘why’…why is THAT important.

“Is that really my why or is there something deeper?”

Stay open and curious. Why?

What about this situation, desire or thing that makes it so important?

Get out a piece of paper (or better yet, a journal you’d love to start) and JOT ALL THESE ANSWERS DOWN OR JUST THE FINAL ANSWER YOU SETTLE ON…YOU’LL NEED IT LATER. You can also download this worksheet to support your discovery efforts.

That’s all you need to do this week. Keep digging deep. Feel free to share your journey by using #tayloredlife and tagging us @tayloredhealthnz.

Example Scenario

Emily: The reason why I’m here right now is that I want to fit into my size 8 jeans again and I haven’t been able to do that by myself, so that’s why I’m here. So, my ‘why’ is to lose weight.

Rachel @ Taylored: Thank you for sharing that Emily. I’m a little more curious though. Why is fitting into your jeans important to you?

Emily: I want to feel confident again and fit into my old clothes.

Rachel: Yeah, I can understand that. Why do you think you’ve found it challenging to lose weight in the past?

Emily: I start a weight loss or exercise program feeling great and think “this time, I’ll make the right choices”. But then something comes up at work or my daughter gets sick and then I just go back to my old habits.

Rachel: Why do you think that is?

Emily: Because it’s easier. I just find I don’t have the head space or motivation when I’m trying to deal with issues.

Rachel: Yes. It’s definitely incredibly challenging when life throws you a few curve balls. When that happens, what’s the first habit that comes back?

Emily: Hm….I usually start to eat foods that comfort me.

Rachel:  Why do you think that is?

Emily: Because it makes me feel good…then afterwards I feel out of control and angry at myself. Then I just give up.

Rachel: Ok. It sounds like your ‘why’ isn’t to lose weight because you’ve tried that before and it hasn’t really worked. Perhaps your ‘why’ is really about untangling your relationship with food, especially when stressed…and how to create better decisions into your life. Tell me more about why it might be important for you to do that?

Emily: I guess I hadn’t thought of it like that before. I don’t want to keep feeling like I sabotage myself when things get hard. When things are stressful, I don’t like feeling so out-of-control…and I just get tunnel vision. I don’t want to get angry at my daughter like I do when I’m stressed either.

Rachel: That’s really insightful, Emily. It sounds like you have a special relationship with your daughter.

Emily: Yes, I do. My Mum wasn’t that close to me growing up. I think she loved alcohol and work more than me. She suffered from early-stage dementia. So, I’m trying to be a better Mum.

Rachel: Yes, all we can do is our best. It also sounds like we might have gotten closer to one of your real ‘whys’. What does it look like for you to be a “better Mum?”

Emily: Um…that’s a good question. I guess I would create more quality time with my daughter. I definitely want to show her what it’s like to take care of myself – my Mum got really overweight before dementia started to show up and she never had the energy to play with me outside. I want to make sure I’m fit and healthy. This is why I want to lose weight – I’m terrified I’m going to end up like her.

Rachel: That makes a lot of sense. OK. Let’s write this why down…and over the next day or two, have a think about how this sits with you. Keep digging into that and perhaps write down ‘why’ you want all of this. Also, what your life might look like when you start addressing this why. Let’s book in another health coaching session for next week so we can work through these things together and figure out the next steps.